Data Conversion

Data Conversion

Cost-effectively extract data from legacy archives and migrate it to a new target

Data Conversion is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. TierFive delivers comprehensive data migration services for legacy migration, archival storage technology refresh or core system transition.


Data Conversion Process


Supported Formats

For you Migration Conversion or RAW Backup Needs

  • EMC Centera
  • XML
  • SQL
  • FileNet (Image and COLD)
  • Global360 Eastman
  • Global360 ViewStar
  • Unisys InfoImage,Legato
  • OTG (Image and COLD)
  • IBM CM Eclipsys Exigen VisiFlow
  • IBM Image+
  • IBM Visual Info
  • Fortis
  • FileMagic
  • OnBase
  • Docuware
  • Global360 Keyfile
  • McKesson Imnet
  • CanoFile
  • IMR Captaris Alchemy
  • Anacomp, WaterMark
  • Kofax Ascent Storage
  • Lanier SER / Macrofiche Metafile,
  • Microbank
  • 3M MIMS,
  • Stellent / Optika (FP Multi/Accorde),
  • Documentum,
  • PCI Reports,
  • TREEV AIM COLD DocFinity,
  • WANG Watermark,
  • DocStar
  • DST COINS (Image and COLD) Sovera,
  • Panagon2P8,
  • Media Migration (OSCAR,CSAR,SSAR,MSAR)

What Sets Tierfive Apart?

TierFive Data Conversion Services ensure the ability to prove the authenticity of your data by employing industry best practices including file level content based identification and comprehensive chain-of-custody reporting; minimizing the potential technical, business, legal and compliance risks.

The TierFive Advantage

Our experienced staff can professionally manage your data migration project, or extend the capabilities of your IT professionals. TierFive will only work with a static copy of your data as live conversion is not advisable. Together we can have your data use-ready as soon as possible.

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