ECM Document Management

With the speed and complexity of business increasing almost daily, it’s more critical than ever to find document management solutions that can enhance productivity, operational efficiency, lower costs, improve communication and streamline customer service. All while decreasing risk, solving regulatory compliance problems, providing a disaster recovery plan for often single point of failure paper documents. Essentially, providing access to and distribution of information is all about getting the right information in front of the right people securely reliably and rapidly.

Many companies haven’t fully considered the risks involved with not implementing a document management solution – risks such as:Compromised document confidentiality (Internal and External)
• Increased FTE and or operational costs due to inefficient manual processes
• Lost or misplaced vital documents
• Exposure to litigation by failing to implement controls, and procedures that improve information security, ensure accuracy, and audit use.
• Liability for adhering to strict rules governing how an organization should process, record, track, and disclose or disseminate client information.
• Underestimating the soft cost associated with manual processes.

TierFive will work closely with you in identifying and implementing a document management solution that best meets your company’s needs while reducing total cost of ownership. In other words, we can lead you to a robust, affordable solution that improves your company’s capacity to access, route, manage, secure, track, and archive documents without being unnecessarily complicated. Our process starts with an in-depth discussion, and the conversation continues from there. Once the client has fully explained and documented their workflow, TierFive will find ways to streamline it. After we’ve proposed and implemented a solution, we maintain communication and provide ongoing support to make sure your document management system is working exactly as expected. It’s part of our dedication to above-and-beyond customer service.

TierFive provides comprehensive enterprise content document management solutions and measures feasibility by actual return on investment for our client. As a metric consider that a typical clerical worker earning $14.00 an hour costs 23¢ per minute.  If the time to process a business document is reduced by even one minute per document, and a company handles 2,000 documents per day … one minute can save $460 per day or $115,460 per year.

  • “A 5% reduction in operating costs has the same P&L impact as a 30% increase in sales.” -Gartner Group
  • “On average, it takes 18 minutes to search for a document.” -Gartner Group
  • “The average document photocopied 19 times.” -AIIM
  • “Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain.” GIGA
  • “Every misfiled document is estimated to cost $125.00 in lost productivity.” -Dr. Nick Bontas, Fortune Magazine
  • “90% of your company’s memory exists on paper.” -AIIM