Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering what questions you should even ask about your scanning project? That’s great, because we’ve put together some of the questions that we most often get from customers. Take a look below and we bet you’ll find the answer you’re looking for. But if not, get in touch with us and one of our teammates will work with you to find a solution!

What kind of microfilm do I have?

There are many types of microform materials: microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards are common examples.TierFive Imaging can scan nearly any type of microform. Check out our page dedicated to this information for help deciding which type of microform record you have.

How much does document imaging cost?

Our prices depend on a number of variables. Here are just a few common factors to consider.

  • Volume – How many boxes of documents or units of microfilm would you like us to scan?
  • Scan Preparation – How many staples, clips, and other obstructions do your files have?
  • Indexing Criteria – What fields are required to be manually entered to find your files?
  • Turnaround Time – How quickly do need the project to be completed?
  • Shredding – We offer certified document destruction upon request.
  • Storage – We offer secure records storage for documents and microfilm.

Typically we like to perform a test scan of your documents to better understand the contents of your files and point out anything of concern.

If you ever need a file or document during the scanning process just give us a call and we will search and find the desired document, scan it and email or fax directly to you free of charge. If your budget doesn’t allow you to scan all your desired files at one time, we can set up a schedule to complete your project in milestones.

If you would like to know more we offer free consultations. Feel free to contact us at (888) 547-2267 or via our webform.

Where is your facility located? Do you work with out-of-state clients?

We Service All The Lower 48 States

TierFive has offices in California, Nevada, and Ohio. Our TierFive Imaging facility is located in San Dimas, CA in Southern California just outside Los Angeles.

We offer local service to all of SoCal including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Santa Barabra-Ventura County, and Riverside-San Bernadino County.

We have an enhanced service area to the greater southwest including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. We have clients throughout and offer service to all of the lower 48 states.

We can work with you and your particular project needs to determine the best way to execute a project, regardless of where your physical records are located. For more information check out our service area page, give us a call at (888) 547-2267, or contact us for a free consultation.

I am not in your area. How do I get my records to your facility?

We will work with you to find the best methods of transportation to get their records to us. The exact method will vary depending on a number of factors, including distance from our facility, the type of material for the project, the volume of material, and more. Feel free to request a free consultation for more specific details.

If you’re located in our Enhanced Service Area of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, we would likely have one of our drivers come pick up your material in a truck or company van. For smaller volumes a courier service like, UPS or FedEx may be used. For larger quantities we can use a freight partner to ship material by the pallet or drop container. In some instances, we even fly to your location, rent a truck, and drive your material back to our facility.

By consulting one of our representatives via phone at (888) 547-2267 or our web form and together we can determine which method is best for you based on the particulars of your project. With our experienced staff, we will be sure to get the best solution for the safe and secure transportation of your records.

Does you offer on-site imaging & conversion services?

We can do your Document Imaging at our secure TierFive facility or onsite at your on-site location.

TierFive has extensive experience in accomplishing document scanning and document conversion onsite using our mobile resources. TierFive will accomplish document preparation, scanning, indexing and conversion onsite according to your specifications. We can work with you to satisfy your conversion needs for your paper documents, microfilm, large format or more.

Give us a call at (888) 547-2267 or request a free consultation and we can help you determine of an on-site project is right for you.

What types of files can I expect back at the end of a project?

We can customize our deliverable to your specific needs. Standard delivery formats for project include PDF, TIF, or JPG images. If the project involves loading the images into an existing management system or software application, we can work with you to deliver the images into a format or library that you can easily import into your system.

Optionally we also offer our own cloud hosted document management solution where your digitized document archives are stored at our secure server and can be viewed on any desktop and mobile device.

Give us a call at (888) 547-2267 or contact us and tell us how you would like your files delivered.

How will the digital files be delivered to me?

Your digital files will be delivered to you based on your project specifications. Standard delivery methods include Secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol), where encrypted archives can be downloaded by a secure link, and USB hard media like Encrypted Portable Drives or standard flash media.

Optionally, we also offer our own cloud hosted document management solution where your digitized document archives are stored at our secure server and can be viewed on any desktop and mobile device.

If you require an alternative method of delivery, we’re happy to work with you. Give us a call at (888) 547-2267 or contact us and tell us how you would like your files delivered.

Do you offer samples if I send you examples of my records?

Yes, as part of our consultation process we commonly provide samples for our customers. Before sending in any samples, we ask that you contact us or call (888) 547-2267 so a representative get in touch with you to learn more about your project and offer a free consultation about how to best proceed.

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