Document Imaging ROI Calculator

Convert, store and retrieve paper documents in electronic form, so they are secure, searchable and able to be processed through customized, automated workflows. Use the calculator below to estimate how much you can save by going paperless with document conversion and an electronic document management system.

ROI Calculator

Document Filing

Information about your paper based document management.
This includes search, retrieve, review, return, and indexing of documents in filing cabinets and off–site storage.
Include estimates for accessing off-site, archived, misfiled, or misplaced documents and refiling them after use.
The typical year has 252 workdays, 104 weekend days, and 10 public holidays.
$per hour


Copying & Refiling

Information about your paper based reprographics.
The typical year has 252 workdays, 104 weekend days, and 10 public holidays.
$per hour
pages per day
$per page


Filing Cabinets

Information about your current paper document storage.
cabinets on site
cabinets off site
$per sq. ft.
$per month


Paper Document System Cost Summary

Annual cost estimate of your existing paper-based document system.
Cost of time spent in search, retrieve, review, return, and indexing of documents.
Cost of time and materials spent copying and refiling paper documents.
Each filing cabinet takes appx 16 sq ft. of space fully open to access.
Total off-site storage costs over the course of a year.


Document Conversion Cost Estimate

This is a good faith estimate based on the information provided.
filing cabinets
Approx 4,000 pages per filing cabinet.
TierFive typically charges 5-10 cents per image depending on project details.


Return on Investment Summary

Based on the information provided, how long to recoup investment.


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