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Document Imaging Services in Stanislaus County

TierFive Imaging offers secure high-speed document scanning and imaging services in Stanislaus County. TierFive provides high-quality imaging services to the archival, academic, corporate and government industries. Utilizing production-level scanning equipment, TierFive Imaging offers a wide range of analog and digital conversion services for projects of almost any volume and condition. We offer document scanning, document storage, certified shredding, microfilm conversion & cloud document hosting services Stanislaus County businesses.

Scanning With TierFive

Off-site scanning provides another cost-effective scanning solution. Your documents are picked up in a secure vehicle or courier service and transported to the scanning center. Once the project is complete, the documents can be returned to you, stored in a secure facility, or destroyed.

Turnaround times are typically shorter and document pickup can be arranged to meet most requirements or schedules. Some companies can provide real-time access to your files or can provide you with the digitized documents as you need them while the project progresses.

Document Scanning Services

We’ll help you get easy access to all of your documents and help provide significant savings in your time and your organization’s wallet. Companies who convert their files to a digital format are able to easily find the right information at the right time increasing employee’s ability to work faster, be more productive and make better decisions.

TierFive has extensive experience in all types of data conversion projects. We have a highly skilled staff and offer competitive pricing to help your Stanislaus County organization today.

Other TierFive Stanislaus County Services

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Cloud Hosted Documents

Secure online cloud document hosting solution.

Certified Destruction

Documents shredded to your specifications.

Microfilm Conversion

All kinds of roll, jacket, and fiche microfilm.

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