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Walnut, CA Document Scanning Services

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Document Scanning Specialists in Walnut, California

The benefits of digital imaging with Walnut area company like TierFive Imaging include processing, accessing, and safeguarding important documents and critical information. TierFive can digitally convert your backfile documents to save time, money, and space by replacing endless paper files with an accessible and user-friendly system.

TierFive Imaging provides high-quality imaging services to the archival, academic, corporate and government industries. Utilizing production-level scanning equipment, TierFive Imaging offers a wide range of analog and digital conversion services for projects of almost any volume and condition.

Partnering with TierFive Imaging

It can take hundreds or thousands of hours to image and file your documents and records in-house. By outsourcing to your local Walnut area experts TierFive Imaging, you take advantage of our full suite of high volume imaging solutions – you cut costs, ensure quality, and build a dynamic database that you can continue to add to. We use several methods for imaging a high volume of documents and records.

Benefits of Document Imaging with TierFive

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduced Document Management Costs
  • Increased Document Accessibility

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Document Scanning Service

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Document scanning with a Walnut area partner provides a cost-effective scanning solution. Your documents are picked up in a secure vehicle or courier service and transported to the scanning center. Once the project is complete, the documents can be returned to you, stored in a secure facility, or destroyed. Once the files are in digital format, you have to select the appropriate way to store them. You can utilize a cloud storage system, where your documents are stored in a secure digital storage system, or you can choose to have your files uploaded to an existing server or system on-site.
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Walnut, CA Imaging Services

Microfilm Conversion

Roll, jacket, and fiche microfilm of all kinds.

Document Shredding

Certified document destruction available.

Document Hosting

Cloud hosted document storage solution.

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