Certified Document Shredding

Document destruction to meet your specific compliance needs

TierFive Imaging specializes in document scanning and storage services, but the life cycle of your records doesn’t end there. Once a document is scanned or when archived documents exceed their required retention time, it’s vital to shred and dispose of them properly to reduce storage costs and limit your legal liability.

We can walk help you through every step of your document conversion and document management process, including helping you develop a safe and compliant document destruction plan.

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Secure Document Shredding Services

We understand than in any business, whether you’re in real estate, health and medicine, legal, accounting, or any other industry, privacy is everything.

That’s why TierFive Imaging offers document shredding services. We can help you:

  • Shred your documents after your digital conversion project
  • Manage and dispose of any documents that have specific required retention times
  • Clean up and dispose of non-critical documents in your storage room or file room before you start your scanning project or store your documents off-site.

As a courtesy to our document scanning and archiving customers, we can also shred and recycle confidential files and documents to further secure business privacy. As an added security, our shredding services are performed onsite. Your documents never leave our facility.

If your documents contain sensitive information “Certified Document Shredding” is necessary to protect your clients and your business.

What Sets TierFive Apart?

With the fastest and most advanced shredding equipment available today we are able to quickly, efficiently and securely destroy your documents. No matter the requirements, TierFive will ensure that your company’s documents are shredded to your specifications and your privacy is secure.

The TierFive Advantage

Unified document retention and management services. After your documents are scanned, we can either shred the documents and provide you with certification that all documents were scanned before shredding or store the documents at our secure facility.

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