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Every educational institution has strict records retention schedules that must be adhered to by law. Very often, important permanent records remain in their original paper form, consume valuable space and degrade with time. Increasingly, these large bodies of records are also on microfilm and it is simply time to take the leap forward and make them available in electronic format for efficient retrieval and distribution.

Serving more than many school districts in our region provides us with a deep understanding of the document management needs within the educational community. In addition to local school districts, we perform a wide variety of ongoing, large-scale document conversions for charter schools, colleges, universities and their libraries throughout the United States.

Below is a list of the types of records we typically process for educational institutions

Guidance Records

  • Student Records
  • Health Records
  • Registrar & Admissions Files
  • Financial Aid Documents
  • Transcripts and Grade Reports

Business Records

  • Payroll Registers
  • Human Resource Records
  • Board Minutes
  • Pension Files
  • Accounts Payable

Special Education

  • Student Records


  • Newspapers
  • Historic Records

Solutions for Education

Educators need to be good communicators. They need the ability to effectively convey information to their students and peers. At the same time, schools and organizations involved in education need to manage a considerable amount of information. TierFive offers a suite of Document Solutions to help customers in education work better:

  • Document scanning and microfilm conversion solutions for student transcripts, student records, newspapers and historical books
  • Creation and maintenance of online hosted databases and document repositories
  • Disaster recovery management with off-site secondary copies for immediate retrieval
  • On-premise and cloud-based document management solutions

TierFive helps educational institutions such as school districts, colleges/universities and libraries and historical archives with integrated document scanning, microfilm conversion, and document management solutions. Our document management solutions help make educational institutions, libraries, historical archives and museums more efficient by relying less on unreliable paper and microfilm records.

Digital documents save you time and space. This is something that can help any educational institution. You can even share necessary records with students, teachers, and/or other institutions quickly, easily, and confidentially.


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