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Document imaging and technology solutions for local government and state agencies

While Local Government budgets are always tight, TierFive’s Imaging Solutions make it easier for agencies to perform their essential functions. We can help government employees lower operating expenses while optimizing their ability to manage information because if there is one thing state and local agencies have in common is the large quantity of documents which must be kept for a mandated amount of time.

Our municipal document scanning solutions will help your office become more organized, efficient and compliant. With our ROI Calculator figure out how the cost-savings of a conversion project could eventually pay for itself and save your departments time and money. Converting to electronic documents allows for information to be accessed and distributed instantly. Having a digital backup of government office documents is critical in order to protect against the loss, damage or degradation of physical records.

Solutions for Government Clients

We also offer Document Imaging Solutions that streamline their operations and reduce costs and waste:

  • Document scanning and retrieval solutions for public records, court documents, land records and research documents
  • Document scanning and retrieval solutions for non-public records, energy and infrastructure, health records, law enforcement, confidential court documents and financial records
  • Digital conversion of legacy records on microfilm and microfiche to archival or distribution formats
  • Conversion of microfilm (eye readable, archival format) for compliance and preservation requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of online hosted databases and document repositories
  • On-premise and cloud-based document management solutions

TierFive has managed Records Management projects for municipalities, fire and water districts, and schools throughout the Los Angeles region. We are intimate with the process, from application to award and familiar with the guidelines and specifications that must be adhered to with such projects. Call [su_sales_phone] or email [email protected] and ask us how we can help you with your project.

Information about our Purchasing Contracts

Below is a sample list of the types of records that local municipalities typically work with TierFive to digitize:

  • Board Minutes
  • Payroll Records
  • Accounts Payable
  • Healthcare Records
  • Human Resources Records
  • Student & School Records
  • Building & Land Records
  • Zoning and Planning Maps
  • Large Format Documents
  • Environmental Documents
  • Historical Records
  • Court Documents

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