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Document management solutions for important insurance records

Your insurance records are often permanent records and completing your record conversion project right the first time is critical. Our customized solutions automate the digital conversion, storage, retrieval and management of large libraries of historic property or claims-related records.

TierFive can provide document scanning (back-file and day-forward), microfilm conversion and document management solutions for title insurance, life insurance, and health insurance companies. Our secure facilities and experience handling paper and microfilm records are the reason insurance companies turn to us for their record conversion projects.

Solutions for Insurance Clients

TierFive has a variety of equipment to help insurance companies their jobs:

  • Our multifunction systems make it almost effortless to print, scan, store and distribute documents.
  • Our printers give users the ability to print high volumes of pamphlets, filers and professional-level documents.
  • Our production scanners allow centralized production scanning and processing of large amounts of documents.
  • Our check transport scanners allow your institution to process a large number of checks and related small documents quickly and efficiently.

We also offer Document Imaging Solutions that streamline their operations and reduce archive overhead.

Document Scanning and Microfilm Conversion Solutions

Preserving the original context of historic data is extremely valuable during the digital conversion process because original context enables more accurate searches. A key to reducing losses in title claims is accurate determination of all recorded exposure. There are often unique methods of record keeping in the old records, depending on the organization. Frequently, title companies have inherited several plants (datasets), each created in its own fashion and none of which matches the current posting methodology. Our experience with historic title plant data assets (e.g. lot books, geographic books, maps, posting procedures) and life insurance records (e.g. policies, claims) enables us to digitally scan your assets from paper and microfilm while keeping the history and knowledge base of the old records intact but making them accessible within your current searching environment.

Document Management & Workflow Solutions
  • Upgrade or modernize your existing document retrieval application.
  • Indexing of all title plant and insurance records using an unlimited amount of user-specified fields.
  • Full-text indexing and search (OCR) unlocks extended possibilities for chain-break searches across all content using any key phrase or number/date/address combinations.
  • Meet compliance requirements to redact and remove sensitive information from plant records, insurance policies, and claims.
Cloud Document Hosting
  • Avoid the need for more storage hardware or IT resources by hosting your historical records at our secure data center.
  • Easy, online retrieval of digital PDF and TIFF title plant records, policies or claims by staff or off shore support teams.
  • Provide plant access to other entities, in rental, lease arrangements or cooperative use arrangements via our hosting and auditing services.
  • Host primary or secondary data copies for immediate online retrieval in the event of a disaster to primary data set (e.g. fire, flood, data center outage).

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