Subpoena/Information Request Policy

TierFive respects the legal process, the law, and the privacy of its customers. Except as required by law or in the event of utilizing a third party vendor that is prohibited from using personally identifiable information other than purposes for which their services are retained, TierFive will not release customer information or customer account information without the express consent of its customers. A valid subpoena, court order, or warrant is required for the identity or account information of a TierFive customer. Criminal matter subpoenas must be made by law enforcement.

Unless prohibited by law, court order, or exceptional circumstances such as an emergency involving the risk of death or tampering with evidence, upon receipt of a valid civil subpoena, TierFive will notify its customer whose information is being sought and provide the customer with an opportunity to object/quash such request. If an objection is not received within fourteen (14) business days, TierFive will then provide the requested information. Law enforcement officials who believe that notification would jeopardize an investigation should obtain a proper court order or other appropriate process establishing that notice is prohibited.

TierFive reserves the right to seek reimbursement for the costs in connection with responding to a subpoena. Payment must be made prior to TierFive providing the requested information. The costs are $5.00 for mail delivery charges and $0.25/page for copy charges. For more detailed requests, TierFive charges additional costs to comply but will provide you with the costs prior to processing such request.

TierFive will respond to requests for customer information from foreign law enforcement agencies, however, such requests must be in English and must be issued via a court in the United States.