Being more productive is a combination of goal setting and time management. Here are eight tips to be more productive. Follow these tips, and you can increase your income significantly while significantly increasing your free time.

Nowadays, getting more out of the resources you have is almost done. You have more and more tools to help you, but you still have a hard time being as productive as you want. Do you really need to be like this? Here are my eight tips for being more productive.

1. Discover when you are your best

Some of us are at their best early in the morning. For others, it may be late in the evening or even in the middle of the day. Knowing when you are at your best has considerable benefits in terms of planning what you do and when you do it.

2. Set goals

Determine at the beginning of each day, the results you have achieved. Do not worry if you do not have all the details to know how you will do it. By defining an intention or a result, you will discover ways to achieve it.

3. Know what matters

Many people are unclear about their main deliverables. We all know that about 20% of what we do for about 80% of the results. Which 20% have the most impact for you? If you do not know it, start by finding out.

4. Start with the biggest challenge

Avoid doing this, even if it is always tempting to start with simple tasks and start marking things off the list. Start with the most challenging task. It can be a report, a project plan, a specification or a large customer call. Whatever it is does it first.

5. Manage interruptions

Open-plan offices are fashionable. Although they are perfect for team and group work, sometimes you need quiet space. Tell those around you clearly if you need an uninterrupted time slot.

6. Delegate more

If you have a secretary or administrative assistant, they can often discharge you from many tasks. It can be, for example, ordinary letters or phone calls or the use of a reminder system for items you have deferred.

7. Reserve slots in the calendar

The older you are, the more likely you are to have your journal filled with meetings. Because agendas are also open to others, it may mean that there is no time to get things done. Be sure to reserve tasks that you must perform as appointments, so that time is not captured by someone else.

8. Be realistic

Remember that you are a human being and be real In yourself. It’s all too easy to make totally unrealistic task lists. We all did it. We like to help. Make it a habit to set ambitious but realistic goals and get success.

In the end, improving your productivity is an ongoing process. Start by taking simple steps and observe the results with less and less effort.

Rick Arlen